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Market Force Information, Inc
Certified Field Associates
Become a Certified Field Associate in the Movie Industry

Don't sit on the bench—get paid to see your favorite movies!

A Hands-On Hobby—Get involved and see the difference it makes in your favorite theatre.
  • Patron Counts
  • Audience Reaction Assessments
  • Promotional Material Installs
  • Trailer Checks
  • It Pays to Be a CFA—You'll be paid for field visits that you make... and even reimbursed for your movie tickets and concessions for select assignments.
    Once you've become registered, you'll also get:
    • Alerts that are emailed to you when certain assignments in your area are available, keeping you informed about the assignments you are looking for!
    • The ability to choose assignments most appropriate for you - you are free to accept or decline any assignment offer!
    • Access to thousands of assignments nationwide in both the U.S. and Canada!


    Theatre Checks: Most of these assignments are conducted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    • Trailer Checks: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to watch and record all trailers on all screens shown prior to the assigned feature.
    • Open Checks: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to count the patrons attending the showtimes of the assigned feature, and collecting box office information at the end of the day.
    • Blind Checks: Covertly counting patrons attending all show times of the assigned feature on the assigned day.
    • Advertisement Checks: Watch and record all advertisements shown prior to the feature.
    • Sneak Checks: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to watch a sneak preview of an upcoming release, collecting reactions and demographic information.
    • Comprehensive Checks: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to collect a variety of information on new releases: Patron counts, ticket prices, sound and visual quality, trailers shown, etc.
    Mystery Shopping/On-site Evaluations: Posing as a typical customer, usually without the theatre personnel’s knowledge, you would go to a theatre to evaluate the movie-going experience. This includes an assessment of how you are treated as a customer, the overall appearance, housekeeping, & marketing and/or promotional material placement.
    Promotional Material Installations: Involves assembling movie standees, installing one-sheets (movie posters), banners, etc.
    Exit Polling/Trailer and Advertisement Recall/Market Research: Various types of movie audience data is collected at theatres on behalf of movie studios, and is used to assess public opinion of current and upcoming movie releases.
    On-site Auditing: This involves such tasks as counting/confirming placement of promotional materials, counting people, and a variety of other related activities.
      Market Force values your privacy, and does not give or sell any Certified Field Associate information to any other business entity.